13 Cool + Creative Classes You Can Take in Fort Collins

Todd Sledge August 13, 2023

As the back-to-school season ushers in an air of fresh beginnings, what better way to embrace the spirit of learning than by picking up a new skill? Plus, make learning even more fun by taking one of these creative classes focused on the arts in all forms — from fine arts to cooking and dancing to pottery.
Fort Collins is home to a number of creative hubs, all designed to promote the arts, foster a sense of community, and help you experience personal growth, no matter your starting point. Whether you’re a student seeking to enhance your skills, a lifelong learner eager to explore new passions, or simply someone who believes in the magic of creativity, these classes offer the perfect opportunity to ignite your curiosity and embark on a rewarding adventure like no other!

The Cooking Studio Cooking Classes

Owner Trish O’Neill took more than 300 hours of cooking classes before opening The Cooking Studio so she could share her experiences with Fort Collins. Now, she and her team teach teams, private parties, kid-friendly camps, professionals and public classes in a huge range of culinary topics. The adult class calendar includes topics like tacos, pastries, vegan food, cooking with cast iron, tapas, Thai cooking, knife skills and so much more. Check out their calendar to book a class that piques your interest!

Blue Moose Art Gallery Art Classes

Blue Moose Art Gallery offers an inspiring array of art classes suitable for all levels of experience. From painting and jewelry-making to writing and felting, there’s something for every artist — or soon to be artist! Seasoned artists lead these classes, ensuring top-quality guidance through every step of the way. Blue Moose offers both in-person and virtual classes, so you can choose to learn from the comfort of your own home or get more hands-on instruction at the studio. Peruse their wide range of class offerings, including mosaics, basket weaving, photography, painting, drawing, needle-felt, and much more.

My Sister Knits Knitting Classes

Step into the enchanting world of knitting at My Sister Knits, a locally owned yarn shop with an endless selection of world-class yarns. A tapestry of creativity is woven here, guided by a team of knitting experts who are dedicated to ensuring an enjoyable journey through the realms of yarn and stitches. My Sister Knits is not just a knitting haven, but a nurturing community that harmoniously blends global inspirations with the local essence of Fort Collins. Discover new horizons through their curated selection of innovative designs and products sourced from around the globe. My Sister Knits hosts a variety of classes, where you can learn how to complete a specific project, like a sweater or socks, or discover a specific skill, like basic crocheting or how to fix mistakes. They also offer complimentary one-hour skill sessions on a regular basis, designed to illuminate essential knitting techniques. Remember to bring your needles and yarn!

Impulse Dance and Fitness Classes

Impulse Dance and Fitness beckons individuals of all walks of life to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and wellness through movement. With a resolute commitment to fostering positive self-discovery, building a close-knit community, and nurturing self-assurance, Impulse offers a diverse array of accessible adult dance and dance fitness classes. Accomplished instructors guide participants through an array of styles, from ballet and contemporary to hip hop, jazz, and stylized forms. As a local woman-owned establishment, Impulse radiates empowerment and camaraderie. Whether one seeks to acquire new skills or reignite a passion for dance, Impulse Dance and Fitness provides the ideal platform within a supportive community, affirming movement as the cornerstone of a content and vigorous lifestyle.

Smokestack Pottery Classes

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of pottery at Smokestack Pottery, a haven for creative exploration with clay. This vibrant studio opens its doors to the community, offering a nurturing space to delve into the art of high fire gas kiln glazes and the intricacies of pottery wheel throwing. Beyond instruction, Smokestack Pottery has evolved into a close-knit family of artists and friends, fostering a sense of camaraderie. Enroll in their comprehensive 6 to 7-week program, including a final week for glazing completion. Each class unveils the magic of a different pottery form, accompanied by ample studio time, granting access to wheels, slab rollers, trimming tools, and an extensive palette of glazes. The studio’s Cone 10 gas kiln ensures the safety and durability of your creations, fit for everyday use. Plus, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with opportunities to partake in student sales, refining your pricing and selling skills. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned creator, Smokestack Pottery accommodates all skill levels, offering flexible instruction tailored to your preferences.

Ginger and Baker Cooking Classes

In the heart of the historic Northern Colorado Feeders Supply building lies Ginger and Baker, an enchanting culinary haven that emerged in 2017 within the vibrant River District. Boasting a delightful array of offerings, from a charming market and bakery to an inviting cafe, an exquisite restaurant, and a rooftop bar, the establishment is also home to The Teaching Kitchen. This culinary haven is where gastronomy blends with camaraderie and education, hosting a diverse array of public classes. Delight in crafting macarons, mastering the art of grilling the perfect steak, handcrafting pasta from scratch, and creating seasonal pies, among countless other experiences. Beyond the stove, Ginger and Baker’s Teaching Kitchen fosters a sense of community through cooking, cocktails, crafting classes, and a lively food-centric book club that convenes monthly.

Lambspun Fiber Arts Classes

For nearly 30 years, Lambspun has been an integral part of the Fort Collins community, enchanting locals and visitors alike with its rich tapestry of yarn, knitwear, and an eclectic array of fiber products. More than just a purveyor of fine materials and tools, Lambspun is a hub of creativity and learning. They offer a wide range of weekly classes, covering a diverse curriculum that includes dyeing, knitting fundamentals, wet felting, and tapestry weaving, among other crafts. Amidst the historic charm of Lambspun of Colorado and Cooper’s Back Porch, a lush oasis nestled within the urban landscape, this uniquely landscaped property has blossomed into a cherished landmark. As the commercial tide encroaches, this 2-acre haven stands as a testament to a simpler time, boasting 70-year-old trees, lush flowers and grasses, and Mediterranean-style structures from 1937, including the Stone Tea House.

3 Square Art Drawing + Painting Classes

Discover the world of drawing and painting at 3 Square Art, an esteemed fine art center in Fort Collins. A visionary haven born from the shared values of creating, sharing, and learning, 3 Square Art is the premier destination for regional, national, and international artists. Unveil your artistic potential through their captivating art classes. Guided by a spirit of self-expression and personal growth, their classes offer a dynamic blend of classical techniques and contemporary abstract approaches. From figure drawing and color theory to abstraction and specialty courses, the curriculum caters to a spectrum of artistic interests. Whether you’re a novice seeking to tap into your creativity or a seasoned artist refining your craft, 3 Square Art classes are tailored to elevate your artistry.

Gardens on Spring Creek Gardening Classes

Gardens on Spring Creek offers a diverse array of engaging classes, thoughtfully organized by theme to cater to adults ages 18 and above. Delve into a realm of horticultural wisdom and creativity as you explore topics ranging from beekeeping and fine arts to garden-to-fork cooking and watercolor journaling. Plus, experience the therapeutic benefits of wellness classes amidst the natural beauty of the gardens. Members enjoy an exclusive 10 percent discount on registration, and all in-person classes include admission to The Gardens, including the captivating Butterfly House. Convenient online registration is available up to 24 hours before the class, and for last-minute registrations, the dedicated Guest Services team can be reached at 970-416-2486.

Café Vino Wine Tasting Classes

Indulge in a delightful journey through the world of wine at Café Vino, where exceptional dining experiences are crafted from the finest local and organic ingredients. Nestled in a casual yet sophisticated environment, Café Vino invites patrons to relish scratch-made pastries, local craft brews, and an extensive collection of more than 200 wines. Elevating the experience further, the café regularly hosts interactive wine tasting events throughout the month. Unveil the world of wines with friends as you savor 6-8 selections from chosen varietals or regions, complemented by delectable small tapas crafted by Chef Ryan Smith. Enrich your wine knowledge through engaging education provided by Republic National, and seize the opportunity to bring home your favorite discoveries. Check out the Café Vino event calendar to see what’s coming up next!

NoCo Swing Dance Classes

NoCo Swing Dance welcomes dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels to join the rhythm and excitement of swing dance. From beginners to advanced enthusiasts, everyone is embraced in this vibrant dance community that thrives on the joy of movement. As a testament to their commitment, the dedicated organizers, all volunteers, channel the proceeds from events into the growth and enrichment of the Northern Colorado dance scene. Affordable and accessible dances are a cornerstone of their mission, fostering inclusivity and a sense of togetherness in everything they do. NoCo Swing Dance also offers progressive classes for those seeking to elevate their skills, along with the opportunity to arrange private events for special occasions. Be it to learn, socialize, or simply have a fun time, NoCo Swing Dance invites dancers of all walks to join their spirited community and make memories on the dance floor. Check out their calendar to see the array of dance classes on the horizon, including classes hosted by NoCo Swing Dance as well as other organizations in town.

Studio H Fine Art Classes

Discover a world of artistic expression at Studio H, where fine art classes unlock the captivating realms of drawing and painting. Delve into an array of mediums, from the intricate details of graphite pencil to the bold strokes of acrylic, watercolor, and water-soluble oil. With a focus on individualized teaching, each student is empowered to explore their chosen medium at their own pace and skill level, guided by a progressive program that spans from fundamental basics to advanced techniques. The creative journey begins with core principles, embracing the color wheel, shapes, highlights, and shadows, as well as mastering the art supplies and tools that bring visions to life. Take a look at the variety of class options available at Studio H, including options for both kids and adults!

Create a Craft Paint Your Own Pottery Classes

Discover the artistic joy of pottery painting at Create a Craft, a vibrant Fort Collins studio that offers both in-person classes and take-home kits. Unleash your creativity by selecting from a wide array of pottery items, whether you’re seeking to paint in the inviting studio or embark on your artistic journey at your own pace at home. For studio painting, a nominal $5 per painter fee accompanies the price of each piece. The creative possibilities are endless, with kid-friendly options like piggy banks, nightlights, and charming boxes, plus something for your collection, like a coffee mug, a beautiful vase, or a canister. With the magic of pottery glaze, your masterpieces will be expertly fired within 10-14 days, ready to shine. For immediate gratification, non-fired paints allow you to take your creations home the same day or as part of a convenient to-go kit.

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