If you are thinking about selling your house, you’re probably also thinking about doing some improvements to get a higher listing price on your home. One piece of advice I would like to give you is NOT to do any renovations until talking to a Real Estate professional. Renovations only make sense if they add more value to your home than the amount of money and time you spend on doing said renovations.

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Uncover the national averages between project costs and sale values.

If you spend a $1,000 renovating and it doesn’t increase the value of your home by more than a $1,000, stinks but then it was a waste of your time and money. Too often in my time as a Real Estate Agent, I’ve seen homeowners take on renovations that don’t recoup their cost in the end.

Apart from the cost, another thing to keep in mind is that going through a renovation puts any household at a very high-stress level. It takes you out of your normal routine, makes your day-to-day life very uncomfortable and too often, ends up costing you a lot more than you originally thought.

And that is exactly why you want to be smart about your renovations and keep them to a very minimum.

So before you go ahead and start any projects, allow me to come and assess the situation. It’s completely free of charge with no further obligations. I’ll be happy to help get your house to it’s best shape possible in the most cost-efficient and stress-free way.

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